Why Native Yeast

A True Expression of the Site, Creates a Volume, Depth and Roundness that cannot be made any other way, and Nature knows Best!

10 Beautiful Hikes Near Virginia Wineries
Virginia is for Lovers

Arterra Wines Pairs with Sky Meadow State Park

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Art of the Land at Arterra
Middleburg Life

Jason will lead the region in Quality Tannat Production

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Vineyard aims to produce “most authentic Virginia Wine”
Fauquier Times

Arterra Wines and Hawkmoth Arts is truly a hidden gem.....

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10 Virginia Wineries to Visit in 2016
The Virginia Grape

This is a winery I am very excited about and one to keep your eye on.

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Rockin Red Blog
Rockin Red Blog

2013 Tannat: WOW!! Lengthy and expressive with great structure, well balanced depth and complexity!

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Art and Craftsmanship at Arterra Wines
Virginia Winos Bogspot

Entering the tasting room you are immediately taken by the artistry and craftsmanship in every piece of the room......

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American Winery Guide
Anthony Marocco

Jason's passion for wine is as much of an art as Sandy's is. The Arterra name, derived from the words art and terra (land) or the art of the land, speaks for itself.

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Art and Wine Intertwined At Arterra
Middleburg Life

Page 23 of 35: Arterra Wines is focused on quality over quantity....

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Arterra Wines
The Virginia Grape

Jason Murray and Sandy Gray-Murray are both artists. Arterra Wines, the name of their new winery, is meant to capture the essence of their work.

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Great new Virginia winery opens – Arterra Wines
Wine About Virginia Blogspot

A great new Virginia winery opened recently. Their name is Arterra Wines. “Art and Terra (land)” is the Art of the Land. It is located in Delaplane, VA.

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CHARDONNAY   |   $30

A voluminous white, with great depth, varietal elegance, subtly accented by French Barrel aging, and balancing acidity.

APPLE WINE   |   $29

A local favorite, refreshingly sweet with vibrant apple character.


Refreshingly balanced with vibrant acidity, joyful expression of sweet fresh fruit, and a clean delightful finish.


Ripened to dark fruit & smooth tannin, medium bodied, broad & round.

PETIT VERDOT   |   $40

Full bodied front pallet, clean crisp finish. Dark fruit flavors & mellow tannin.

MALBEC   |   $40

Vivid varietal flavors, with a sophisticated balance of depth, medium bodied, and intriguingly complex.

TANNAT   |   $49

Full bodied, carrying depth & concentration, black fruit, great aging potential.


Exceedingly ripened grapes producing a high alcohol and sophisticatedly sweet full bodied red, reminiscent of high-end Port.

DRY RIESLING   |   $29

An elegant and refreshingly clean white, with vivid floral and fruit character, showcasing volume and depth.


A truly limited production red blend, celebrating the partnership of Arterra Wines and Hawkmoth Arts.

RESERVE   |   $49

Intensity, concentration and vivid black fruit characters merge in this powerful full bodied red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.