Our Story

Sandy and Jason were high-school sweet-hearts who married and now live with their two sons, Grayson and Caolan, in the heart of Virginia Wine Country. Sandy is a lifelong artist and art educator, with both academic and professional experience. With the birth of their second son, Sandy left the full-time educational career path and launched Hawkmoth Arts. Hawkmoth found a niche with wine and vine related fine arts and has met with great success exhibiting at local wine and arts festivals.


Jason has been growing grapes and making wine in Virginia since 2003, earning a great reputation for producing  high quality red wines which authentically express  Virginia terroir.  With a background in horticulture science Jason is passionate about the vineyard, for him, this is where the magic begins. His approach to grape growing and wine making can be summed up as “Guide on the Side, rather than Sage on the Stage”. He pays attention to what the grapes need, he pays attention to what the wine needs as it evolves. He implements an approach to vineyard management that emphasizes the quality of each varietal at each stage of growth. The ultimate goal of Arterra  Wines is to create a fruit driven wine that authentically expresses all Virginia has to offer as a wine region. The aspects of his process which emphasize this authenticity are: The use of Native Yeast fermentations, fruit that is ripened long and slow into the late fall, soft barrels, no cellar manipulations or chemical additives. In short, authentically expressing Virginia Terroir  is the priority at Arterra Wines.


At this point, it becomes exciting to marry the two: Hawkmoth Arts and Arterra Wines. Each drawing passion, creativity and sustainability from the land.

Finally, we would like to thank all of those who have helped us along our journey. The capital required for the launch of this project is derived from a grassroots effort that matches our core principles. Lifelong friends, family, and enduring industry colleagues (both from the wine and art origins) who truly believe in the assured success of this collaborative business are coming together to create the foundation from which our future will grow. We are grateful that these are the people we will be able to thank for bringing together the final resource needed to bring this vision to a tangible reality.


As we become an established business, we look forward to supporting others as they move forward with their dream.




CHARDONNAY   |   $30

A voluminous white, with great depth, varietal elegance, subtly accented by French Barrel aging, and balancing acidity.

APPLE WINE   |   $29

A local favorite, refreshingly sweet with vibrant apple character.


Refreshingly balanced with vibrant acidity, joyful expression of sweet fresh fruit, and a clean delightful finish.


Ripened to dark fruit & smooth tannin, medium bodied, broad & round.

PETIT VERDOT   |   $40

Full bodied front pallet, clean crisp finish. Dark fruit flavors & mellow tannin.

MALBEC   |   $40

Vivid varietal flavors, with a sophisticated balance of depth, medium bodied, and intriguingly complex.

TANNAT   |   $49

Full bodied, carrying depth & concentration, black fruit, great aging potential.


Exceedingly ripened grapes producing a high alcohol and sophisticatedly sweet full bodied red, reminiscent of high-end Port.

DRY RIESLING   |   $29

An elegant and refreshingly clean white, with vivid floral and fruit character, showcasing volume and depth.


A truly limited production red blend, celebrating the partnership of Arterra Wines and Hawkmoth Arts.

RESERVE   |   $49

Intensity, concentration and vivid black fruit characters merge in this powerful full bodied red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.