The Art

The Hawkmoth is a species of moth often coined as the hummingbird moth. It is known for its ability to hover in midair while collecting nectar. It is essential for it to display precision, delicacy and balance in order to achieve this task. This, in a nutshell, describes the works of Hawkmoth Arts. Co-owner of Arterra Wines Sandy Gray-Murray is also the artist and co-owner of Hawkmoth Arts. Because Sandy works so closely to the wine making processes of her husband, Jason Murray, Hawkmoth Arts has found its permanent space alongside Arterra Wines.


The artwork is entirely handmade utilizing a variety of media from ceramics and paintings to etched glass and carved wine barrels. Hawkmoth Arts serves patrons with a desire to own locally made artworks of unique and original design.


For examples of Sandy’s artwork, visit her website:


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Play with Clay while Connecting with your Creativity

This is a hands on art experience that focuses on enhancing your creativity and your connection with nature. The session will start with a meditative experience and centering activities to help focus your creative energy. We will then venture out into Arterra’s beautiful wooded lot to search for inspiration. Participants will create an original clay tile using slab techniques, impressions gathered from nature and any other ideas that may arise during the creative process.
Hawkmoth Arts artist, Sandy Gray-Murray will lead you through this experience.

You can sign up for  a scheduled experience (see our events tab) or arrange for a private experience for you and your friends.


Your experience will conclude with an Arterra Wines tasting.
The tasting will emphasize how Arterra focuses on quality practices by embracing aspects of the land and the natural processes of growing and harvesting fruit.

This is a 2 1/2 hour experience, but may extend longer depending on the pace of the group.
Please wear comfortable shoes
If it is raining, the experience will be rescheduled……
No more than 10 participants at a time

$75.00 per person for scheduled offerings or private groups larger than 5

$95.00 per person for a private experience of less than 5 people



CHARDONNAY   |   $30

A voluminous white, with great depth, varietal elegance, subtly accented by French Barrel aging, and balancing acidity.

APPLE WINE   |   $29

A local favorite, refreshingly sweet with vibrant apple character.


Refreshingly balanced with vibrant acidity, joyful expression of sweet fresh fruit, and a clean delightful finish.


Ripened to dark fruit & smooth tannin, medium bodied, broad & round.

PETIT VERDOT   |   $40

Full bodied front pallet, clean crisp finish. Dark fruit flavors & mellow tannin.

MALBEC   |   $40

Vivid varietal flavors, with a sophisticated balance of depth, medium bodied, and intriguingly complex.

TANNAT   |   $49

Full bodied, carrying depth & concentration, black fruit, great aging potential.


Exceedingly ripened grapes producing a high alcohol and sophisticatedly sweet full bodied red, reminiscent of high-end Port.

DRY RIESLING   |   $29

An elegant and refreshingly clean white, with vivid floral and fruit character, showcasing volume and depth.


A truly limited production red blend, celebrating the partnership of Arterra Wines and Hawkmoth Arts.

RESERVE   |   $49

Intensity, concentration and vivid black fruit characters merge in this powerful full bodied red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.